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Care New Skin

Tonight I have done some homeworks on Malaysian trend on skin care.Statistic said that Malaysian spend, spend and spend one third of their salary for care new skin products or program.
The programs include facial antiaging, changing to a new skin care product and so forth.
Ladies especially surf on the net most of the time finding, searching for those stuff and not to forget the makeup

I will try my best to find articles or writing my own article on this topic to help Malaysian ladies protect their skin from radicals or uv.
As people say prevention is better than cure , we need to check out the technology on how to prevent the skin elasticity,wrinkles,sagging lines or dull skin.

For my self at the moment, using Korean products as my care new skin is very helpful.Korean products is suits to Asian skin compares to other products.You may easily access the Korean products from the shopping mall or shop houses.I like most my Faceshop from the range skincare product to makeup products

Sorry keeping you around with my testing article writing.Still bad huh?


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