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Our 1st Day of Ramadhan

Ramadhan this year, we started off with sausage and bread for sahur and sup tulang for buka puasa. I steamed bubur cacar for the dessert and appetizer I hope.But all of them including my husband like to eat rice.
With sup tulang, I added Garoupa “3 rasa” and vegetables. Not bad huh for our 1st day Ramadhan.
This Ramadhan, we the whole family hope to complete the tadarrus .Actually the tadarrus for the family is the first time. I joined tadarrus team at my office Majlis Perbandaran Seremban and this year is our 5th year.
Talking about my 3rd son Aqil, he likes to eat and eat.. always full with appetite.At times my say become true as he got a mole right on top of his stomach and quite big.I always said that he had a big stomach.. now the time has come.. hihihi..


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